Wholesale-style website tested by The Immediate Resource

Immediate Wholesale is the front door to the new wholesale-style website provided by The Immediate Resource.

The Immediate Resource surveyed customers about using a wholesale-style website for assembling an order list to discuss with the sales rep. Now it's time to test it. During the month of August, Immediate Wholesale will be available by invitation to customers who will use it and provide feedback.

Immediate Wholesale is a unique format of website. It looks like a spread sheet, rather than the more common website that showcases merchandise. It runs on an Internet platform hosted by SecureSheet.

Immediate Wholesale has information about available styles, colors and sizes. It is not real-time data. It is a guide that is accurate as of 48 hours or so.

Using a wholesale-style website requires some familiarity with computers and spread sheets. Wholesale buyers working with a sales rep recognize the challenges at The Immediate Resource where tens of thousands of dresses and suits are managed in a series of showrooms covering more than 35,000 sq. ft.

The information on Immediate Wholesale is not a guarantee of availability. It is a guide to the merchandise that is available.

The sales rep is the most important contact for information about availability. She can check the floor and assemble the order. Call or email your sales rep for current availability of styles, colors and sizes.